Hi folk,

I'm Rosemarie and my husband is Rob and we share our 5 acre block in Rotorua with 7 Leo's, Bailey,Tia, Stella, Amstel, Glenn, Syrah and Shiraz. (yes one day I'll manage to get them all lined and looking at the camera for a 'family' portrait. Meantime you will have to settle for this).

You just may have noticed the dogs all have a hint of alcoholic reference to their names.  With this in mind our kennel name was born. Lyonzred. It is a take on the all familiar beer brand and our surname Lyon and of course the lion-like appearance of the Leonberger itself. All very complicated and all the effort that went into thinking all this up escapes most  people. But now you know.

Our love affair with Leos began almost 20 years ago. Our first Leo, Sabra,  was from the 1st litter to NZ in 1995. I managed to show her until she gained her NZKC Champion status and retired her from the show ring as a beautiful family pet. There were no lines to breed her to for many years by which time it was too late. She passed away in her 9th year. We remained pet free for a few years but when we purchased this land 9 years ago it was a good time to start our doggie family again. Like yourselves we searched the net for breeders and so began our collection of lions.

We are new to the breeders group but I have been busy showing our dogs to make them NZKC Champions and let me just add that this is no easy feat these days. The standard of Leonbergers today is vastly improved from years gone by and all credit to the breeders now. It does mean however that the competition  at shows is stiff and becoming a Champion takes a bit of doing. We now have 4 beautiful champions, have had a couple of gorgeous litters and are in the process of sourcing new genetics overseas. We look forward to a beautiful leo enriched future.